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5 Common Diseases Affecting the Nervous System

5 Common Diseases Affecting the Nervous System

Health-conscious people will want to know what kind of ailments they are at risk of. This feeling is even heightened for those who are about to go for a physical exam or for those who have a schedule for specific lab tests.

If you have an appointment for comprehensive neurology in Greensboro, North Carolina, then you may want to know what the medical professionals will check for. In general, they will analyze your results to see if you are showing signs of any nervous system diseases. The most common ones of these diseases are as follows:

  1. Multiple Sclerosis
    Otherwise referred to as “MS”, this disease has an unknown cause. It causes the insulating layer of the central nervous system’s nerve fibers to degenerate. When the insulating layer no longer works as it should be, it “short circuits” your nerve impulses. This may then lead to a possible paralysis, blindness or sensory disturbance.
  2. Epilepsy
    Epilepsy is also commonly referred to as seizures. However, in neurology practice, it is known that not all seizures are epilepsy. There are other triggers to seizures, after all. These other types of seizures may just be mild ones though. Epilepsy, on the other hand, is longer in duration, more intense, and more frequent.
  3. Stroke
    In the medical world, stroke is officially referred to as a Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA). Stroke can happen when the brain’s blood vessel bursts and causes internal bleeding. It can also happen when clotting occurs. Clotting can cause the brain to receive insufficient oxygen. Stroke can lead to loss of vision and/or speech. One can also suffer from paralysis after a stroke attack.
  4. Neurofibromatosis
    One characteristic of neurofibromatosis is its benign tumors. The tumor makes the patient’s affected body part look larger than normal. However, the formation of the tumor is oftentimes manageable. This condition is not yet curable, though.
  5. Alzheimer’s Disease
    This medical condition commonly affects older adults. It affects the patient’s brain functions, behavior, and memory. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease often exhibit forgetfulness and cognitive difficulties. There are also significant changes in their mood and speech.

The laboratory result can also detect other ailments related to the nervous system. These diseases include cerebral palsy, aphasia, Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), Bell’s palsy, and many more. If your results show signs of any nervous disease, it is important to get neuro care in North Carolina. The earlier you seek medical attention, the higher the chances of managing or recuperating from the diagnosed disease.

Kiings Neurological Care PLLC is always at your service. With our comprehensive neurological examination, we can help put your mind at ease. If you worry about your loved one as well, share this article with them. This way, they can pay attention to their health too.

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