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Can You Prevent Meningitis?

Can You Prevent Meningitis?

As a provider of quality neuro care in North Carolina, meningitis is one of our areas of expertise. It is a condition wherein the meninges, or the membranes that surround the brain and the spinal cord, get inflamed. This inflammation manifests through headaches, stiff neck, and fever.

The known causes of meningitis, according to Mayo Clinic, are viral infections. However, other forms of infection also result in meningitis. These infections include parasitic, fungal, and bacterial. While many cases of meningitis get better after weeks without treatment, others require anti-bacterial treatment. Without treatment, these forms of meningitis can be life-threatening.

So, is there a way that we can prevent meningitis? As a resource for comprehensive neurology in Greensboro, North Carolina, we say YES. That is what we are going to take a look in this post. However, it is important to note that the meningitis-causing virus can be passed on through sneezing, coughing, kissing, and sharing of items that are used orally.

With that, here are the following steps that can prevent the occurrence of meningitis.

  • Hand-washing
    The careful habit of washing our hands is the most basic form of protection against all forms of infectious substances. Our hands are the frequent carriers of bacteria. With our hands, we touch and help others who got infected. Because of that, the virus can transfer without us knowing. With the frequent habit of washing our hands, we are also cleansing off the bacteria that can result in meningitis.
  • Cover Your Mouth When Sneezing or Coughing
    Because the meningitis virus can be passed through sneezing or coughing, we should make it a habit to cover our mouths upon sneezing or coughing. Either we use face masks or handkerchiefs, what is important is that we have kept most bacteria from being transported through the air.
  • Practicing Hygiene
    Maintaining good hygiene can also be our fence against infection especially meningitis. Let us avoid sharing our kitchen utensils with each other, or even lipstick and toothbrush. As parents, let us also warn our children and teenagers against this practice of sharing. While sharing is good, unhygienic sharing is not.
  • Living a Healthy Lifestyle
    The healthy lifestyle is our first line of defense against infection. When our immune system is strong enough to ward off infection, then we can withstand it through time. To achieve this, we need to monitor our diet, eat healthy foods, sleep well, and exercise regularly.

When it comes to prevention, one cannot go wrong with pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Our body’s defense system is strong enough to protect us when it is equipped to do so. However, if you need interventions and treatments for meningitis, our healthcare professionals with neurology practice can help you.

At Kiings Neurological Care PLLC, we will help you live the quality life you need and deserve. Even with meningitis, you can still live the life goals you have set for yourself.

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